My favourite meditation teacher and dearest friend named Lucky mou

As some of you may know Lucky mou recently passed just short of 15 years. His journey with us was fruitful, happy and loving beyond words. These words are not only for Lucky mou but for all so we may remember and honour all our loved ones who have touched our hearts in a very special way.

Lucky was not always the wise old soul, he was a very cheeky monkey growing up! He so hated his litter tray and peed on the floor in his first 12 months and clawed the kids.

Of course his behaviour never stopped us from loving him. We as a family had to begin to understand that we had to be patient whilst he was learning to be domestic with the  use of a litter tray. The claw jumping we soon discovered that he was wanting to participate in their hide and seek games… LOL … This is true he did learn to play the game very well…

We watched him come close to near death experiences twice and twice we were so grateful he came through…. His last accident left him disoriented which required him to stay indoors where he would be safe and in the backyard where he loved to ‘BE’ in the sun’s warmth.
He was my one of my most favourite meditation teacher in BEing!!

Even with the dementia that slowly progressed into his later years he was he able to continue to express with deeper wisdom, compassion and gratitude for what life offers…  “His love was unconditional”…just as a mother loves and connects with her newborn.

Love at first sight was his gift!
The last few months he showed signs he was on his way out. This was difficult for us however he was able to show us he was comfortable and pain free {confirmed by the vet the last 48hours) til the end.

My own observation and understanding being with many animals over the years is their natural ability of being present in all aspects of life and how they are naturally capable of staying strong through trauma, health issues and even transitioning…. this motivated me and still motivates me to continue growing in my own personal practise striving to support not only the living but also the dying as a natural part of life. To remember ones true nature as they so naturally do. Just as a tree that is deeply rooted into the earth and the sky that is open and expansive where the gentleness of strength, love and peaceful healing exists.

The eve of my departure to Brazil Lucky mou shared as he lay on my chest that it was his time but he would wait……i shared tears….. Once again putting the love for others first, he waited for the right time as our hearts would become softer from the joyful arrival of our beautiful grandaughter Bella.

In his final moments our daughter who had allergic reactions to him, and exams the following morning, chose to be with him to hold strength, courage with an open heart as she gave him permission to cross over in his final 8 hours – 28th July 2017, 8am.

Lucky was laid to rest under the lemon tree where he loved to lay and for the first time since his physical departure, our tree has produced many delicious lemons . I believe this is an expression of his ongoing love and gratitude for every breath of life…
The learning here is and continues to be GRATITUDE to its fullest meaning.. Thank You my Darling Lucky mou and to all the Darlings who have crossed over the beautiful rainbow bridge and for all the blessings we encountered together and continue to encounter in this beautiful circle of Heaven, Earth and Life!

Heart of Reiki


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