Weekly Wednesday Reiki Gatherings




Our Reiki Shares are open to all Reiki Lights every week on Zoom. 
 We practise various meditations within the system of Reiki, some of which includes hands on healing, joshin kokyu ho and Reiju (spiritual blessing) to bring us back into remembering our innermost essence of peace, calm  and inner happiness…….These evenings are here to help support and motivate you within your own daily practise of self discovery and self empowerment…


A Beautiful Healing space where we build inner strength, stability and harmony for ourselves and for the benefit of all sentient beings.

                                                Reiki is a way of life, not just a 2 day course…...

 Date: Every Wednesday 

 Time: 7pm – 830pm

Donations/ payments :  $15 casually or $99 for each full term.

Venue: Heart of Reiki  Zoom online





 Term 1 – 20th January – April 7th.

Term 2  – 21st April- 30th June.

Term 3 – 14th July – 22nd September.

Term 4 – 13th October – 22nd December.

payment/ or a donation is warmly appreciated at the beginning of each term or day
Heart of Reiki
BSB – 063 143
ACC – 1049 4271
 Fill in your details below with payment of choice and we will send you the link to join Zoom.