Online support for students and clients. 

I pray and wish this finds you, your family, friends and pets all well.
Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, It is recommended that we continue to stay home as much as possible.
It is deemed necessary to protect the well being of everyone.
it is also Heart of Reiki’s duty of care to let you know that we are following important steps for all our clients and students.
As of June 1st we are happy to announce we will ease into offering classes and treatments.
We will continue online support for Distant healings and Online Reiki Shares.
Heart of Reiki will be following all government and the Australian Reiki Connection Assoc with all health care requirements which will also be fully discussed and disclosed upon bookings to keep us all safe and well.


During these times we at Heart of Reiki offers will continue to offer distant healings. We are also open to connect with you a way that feels most comfortable for you eg: we are great listeners….Book in a time that best suits you.
For new clients
We will connect online using an app that works for you eg: FaceTime -Messenger- Zoom etc..We will meet online for a short consultation where we will support you in the process of your Reiki treatment. At the end of your treatment we offer an opportunity for you to also share and discuss your experience.

Heart of Reiki is offering

Distant healings $55 1 hour

 Reiki treatment $75 1 hour

Mentoring/Private teachings/ meditation practise 30min $55. 1hr $75

Send us your enquiry by filling in the form below or email us 

   Once payment is received Anita will make contact with you and arrange a time..

Heart of Reiki

payments & donations –
BSB 063 143
ACC 1049 4271
Send your request for all Bookings below and we will be in touch ASAP
REIKI CLASSES – ONE on ONE Teachings for ALL Levels are NOW Available 



What Happens in a Human Reiki Session?

A complete Reiki session is offered to a fully clothed recipient who is lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair.

Most commonly, Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch with the practitioner’s hands placed and held on a series of locations on the head and body. The placement of the hands should never be intrusive or inappropriate, nor should there be any pressure.

Reiki treatments are for specific healing or general relaxation and are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition.


Request a – Absent/Distant Healing 

There are many reasons why you may want to request distance healing. And now is the time during this global pandemic.

Anita,  will contact you by email or txt after receiving your order to arrange a special time for the two of you to connect energetically.

When you receive distance healing from Anita she asks that you put aside an hour to sit quietly and be open to the healing experience.

Anita your Reiki Practitioner and Master/Teacher is qualified and recognised with the Australian Reiki Connection Association.

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all payments with Heart of Reiki are non refundable,however they are transferable and must be paid in full 24 hours prior date of commencement.