Rainbow Bridge

Honoring End of Life

When the time comes for our beloved and precious animal companions to leave this world, we may experience many different emotions:  sadness, denial, desperation to find a way to stop the inevitable, helplessness, anger, and grief.

The powerful yet gentle essence of Reiki can bring the gift of peace and calm to the animal/person  as the body dies as well as to their loved ones who are grieving the loss. Reiki can soften the feeling of helplessness after all other healing methods have been tried and failed. With Reiki we can support the animal / human’s  transition out of the physical body and into spirit. By being in the silence and peacefulness of the Reiki meditative space we can experience the importance and beauty of being in the presence of life and that there is no separation between life and death. This awareness can help heal our understanding of our own death and the death of loved ones. We are able to open our hearts and minds and accept the love, gratitude, and lessons that our animal / human companions have shared during their time with us.

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