Hi Beautiful Hearts, Heart of Reiki is excited to host a play day for us all to practise together. Not just a half hour or so but a full day in the comfort of your own home…..

We will be practising many Japanese techniques including that which is within the system of Reiki as a wonderful way for us to stay more mindful and more focused. From our focus we get less distracted by all the distracting thoughts in our mind. This helps us to be less angry and worried, which in turn allows us to empty the mind, body and energy, creating more space within, to bring us into a much more grateful and kind state of being.

These more intensive practises really help us on letting go of our worry, our fears, anger and attachments to bring us back into centre .Through these intense practices we lay a much better foundation for our own healing and for helping others.

lf you would like to take your practise to that next level and delve deeper within and to help refine your reiki practise, then this play day retreat is perfect for you.

Simply sit in your favourite room on your special cushion or chair and open yourself up for all healing possibilities.

Where ~ Online

When ~ TBA 2022

Time ~ 9am ~ 3:30pm

Cost ~ $255

Payment deposits are greatly appreciated

Heart of Reiki

BSB 063143

ACC 10494271

There will be 8 technique practises at 30 minutes each with 15 minute breaks in between for you to grab a cup of tea, snack and toilet.

We will be having a 1 hour lunch break at 12pm and resuming for the remainder of our retreat at 1pm.

Our final practise will conclude at 3:15pm with time for any discussion and or feedback until 3:30pm

Upon Booking and payment you will receive an email with the outline of the day’s retreat and the zoom link for you to connect on the day.

I so look forward to spending the day with you in love and in light.

Let the Light Lead you the Way….


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