Animal Reiki Training


Learn to Meditate with Spiritual Energy to heal together with your animals through he Japanese Art of Reiki. There are 3 levels,starting with the Basics through to the Teacher level 3. These workshops are for people who love animals, deepening a more spiritual connection for both personal and/or proffessional learning into their well being.


SHODEN Reiki I beginners class: Release stress and cultivate Peace and Wellness with the Help of Animals. This Workshop is for the animal people who want to deepen their relationships with animals in their lives. Most Reiki I classes focus on reiki for people , but Anita’s class is unique in its emphasis on reiki for both humans and animals.


OKUDEN Reiki II Inner teachings For Level l’s interested in deepening their personal healing path with Reiki and animals.This workshop focuses on the more advanced meditative and esoteric uses of Reiki.


SHINPIDEN Reiki Ill Animal Reiki Teacher Training Delve deeper into the mystery teachings of life,the mystery of your true self and of the Universe. Become an Animal Reiki Teacher. level lll is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your personal healing journey with the animals that never ends….

All workshops come with a detailed Manual and a Certificate.


OKUDEN Reiki Level ll class
May 14/15 , Sep 24/25
prerequistes Shoden Reiki Level l

SHODEN Reiki Level l class
June 18/19, Aug 13/14, Sep 10/11


Shoden $450
Okuden $525

Every workshop held, a percentage will be donated to rescue organisations.

$100 non refundable deposit with balance to be paid prior workshop

payments made to:

bsb 063143
Acc 10494271

Contact / txt Anita 0412621728

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