“An offering of loving kindness that Animals gift naturally and effortlessly”



Its almost 4o years to the day when life led me into a path of rediscovering mind and body that today continues to unfold in all of its mysteries……..I woke up in tears remembering the day my big beautiful brother 18 years young transitioned over the rainbow bridge, March 13 1977. Perhaps this memory was triggered by our very recent beautiful chickens.

During this difficult time my family suffered deeply.  Frightened and worried of this ‘death’ that i knew nothing about at age 10 I would sit, cry, play, sing, climb trees, jump off sheds all in the presence of my many animals ….. We were blessed to have family, friends and neighbours supporting us as best as humanly possible,  yet i felt drawn to be outside the home with the animals in my backyard. Why was it that l prefered to be in the presence of the animals ?  it was as like a magnet pulling at me ?  These are some questions i have contemplated with over the years…………

Over the years this unseen magnet drew me to many animals that i too would bring home… Interestingly on a deeper level l never really knew why. Why was l always drawn to them? What was it that l was so drawn to that couldn’t  be seen with eyes?

In this mystery there was a knowing that when i was with them l was being held and cared for.  This vast beautiful softness where there were no senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling or even taste existed. What was this silence,  no language, no sight, no sound, not even any attachments, only a space of emptiness of ebb and flow. Is this how animals live life all of the time? How do they know this? And if this true why have we forgotten?

Have you ever wondered what they do all day every day ? Could it be that they naturally live in a meditative space all the time?

Along my path l was drawn to meditation practises and have experienced many different techniques and in those techniques l would often have visions of different animals. At first l didn’t understand what this meant for me or even if it was meant to mean anything. Maybe it was the animals reminding and connecting with me how to be rather than do just like my childhood experiences in the backyard. So I began the Art of letting go just as many ancient wisdom meditative practises are taught… Leave thoughts visions images, ideas, colours come and go, leaving no trace,  just like moving clouds in the sky: to be present right here and right now.  Not easy, but each day l have a mantra “lovingly,  gently start again.”

I began to sit and be with animals again as my meditation partners and the experiences have been calming, peaceful and relaxing. These experiences have been heart felt, each time they are different  but in essence a feeling of equanimity. Could it be that they are here to help teach us to remember, reconnect, and rediscover the love and light that lives within our own hearts too?

My meditations practises including the system of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual Art, cleanses and purify’s and brings clarity into remembering our true nature. These practises continue to  support and unveil the healing power that exists within each and everyone of us. This healing power is what i believe animals to now already but we humans have forgotten. It is the sacred space of being where all healing possibilities exist.

Im so honoured to be given the opportunity to now bring my childhood experiences to fruition, offering respectful meditation practise with the many animals who cross my path.  And also offering workshops for those who resonate with this healing connection…….

Respecting each animal as our teachers and healers because that is who they truly are. Not just some of the time but all of the time. They are always connected to their true nature and openly connect with us heart to heart when we too are able to surrender and let go of our own worry and fear…..  in this space we too may begin to remember our true nature.

“An offering of loving kindness naturally and effortlessly”…

Love and Blessings




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