Heart of Reiki Intro – Animal Reiki and/or Meditation Training

Meet sweet Pumpkin, a Bengal Tiger. Photographed by Heart of Reiki at The Care Foundation Feb 2016

As some of you may know I recently returned from Florida,Orlando, meditating with the most beautiful exotic animals in heavenly tranquil surroundings at The Care Foundation, with Kathleen Prasad, Teacher and Founder of The Animal Reiki Source. The Teacher Training certifications are quite new in Australia in its approach to connecting and holding a healing space with and for the animals.

As part of the training to connect with the animals, a Japanese Traditional System of Reiki,as taught by International House of Reiki is incorporated. Its approach is remembering and rediscovering your true innate self using ancient wisdom. This inner wisdom of calm, peace and relaxation is where we learn to connect and hold a beautiful healing space. There are 3 levels that are like stepping stones for you to have a direct experience as you climb up a mountain into contentment, balance and harmony.

The 3 training levels: 1 Foundation, 2 Advanced techniques and 3 Teacher training. Within these 3 levels there are 5 elements to explore.

Level 1 Shoden and animal reiki training: 3 day training. First 2 days Introduction and building a strong foundation into the system of reiki. Day 3, applying the principles and practise together with the animals. prerequisites Love animals

Level 2 Okuden and animal reiki training: 2 day training. This class focuses on the more advanced meditative and esoteric uses of Reiki. prerequisites Level 1

Level 3 Shinpiden and animal teacher reiki training. 3 day training for practitioners interested in deepening their reiki knowledge and adding an animal reiki program to their curriculum. Shinpiden Level is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your personal healing and in your journey with the animals. prerequisites Level 2

Students who haven’t trained with Heart of Reiki, but have trained with other schools are welcome to sit a one day meditation class as part of the prerequisite into animal reiki training.

All trainings are held in Melbourne, Vic, where students will gain a direct experience in connecting with the beautiful energy that the animals respond intuitively and where all healing possibilites exist.

For students interested in the speciality field of Animal meditation Training  Click on Link below for more information

5 Powerful Meditations to Help Heal Your Animals

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