Welcome, Im so glad you found us here at the Heart of Reiki,

This 21 day daily meditation routine has been created for you to support and inspire you within your own daily practise.  Being a part of a community with like minded beings, as well as building and cultivating inner peace and harmony.  

Here we will practise daily welcoming you all  for 21 days every evening at 6pm Melbourne, Australian time. Whether you live with family, friends and or your animal companion, feel free to invite them into the space as we cultivate the flow of energy,  interconnection, peace and  happiness from our hearts, expanding inward and outward for all whom we love and beyond..

Join us for 30 minutes each night in the most beautiful way that will leave us all feeling deeply restful and relaxed,  connecting our mind and body whilst purifying and softening our worries and fears so we may step back into rediscovering  our inner most purest self. You will be guided into relaxation before focusing on the practise, followed by resting a few moments in the luminous healing space.



21 day  meditation practise


Date : 19th September- 9th October 2021.


Many of the meditation practises within the system of Reiki and  in many eastern traditions help us heal mind, energy and body, uniting  and harmonising us back to our true selves.  Within the Japanese esoteric teachings it is said  we are the universe…and the universe is us…These practises help us to awaken from our own illusions… 

These 21 days together are here for you to directly experience and awaken your inner wisdom  for clarity and to expand your innermost compassion for yourself and for the benefit of others.

A space where all healing possibilities exist.

Time : start 6pm ~ finish 6:30 pm 

  Cost: $119

Venue: Zoom

 Please remember to mute yourselves should you enter late.” Should you miss out on any days there will be a recording for you upon request. 



Anita has been volunteering with Robyns Nest Animal Rescue over 5 years. A percentage will be donated to “Robyn’s animal rescue a not for profit rescue group.”


Payments and donations

Bank Details 

BSB : 063143

ACC : 10494271

Fill out the form below with your payment details and we will email you with further instructions and the Zoom Link details. 


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