21 DAY HEALING MEDITATIONS FOR YOU! Creating a ripple effect filled with warm heartedness for your loved ones and for your animals too.


Welcome, Im so glad you found us here at the Heart of Reiki,

This 21 day daily meditation routine has been created for you to support you because at times practising on our own can be a bit of a struggle.. So having a community of like minded beings can bring upon a feeling of deeper connection, flow and  ease…..

Here we will practise daily welcoming our students, friends and all who are interested in this experience for 21 days every evening at 9pm Melbourne, Australian time. If  you’re fortunate to have an animal companion living with you , invite them into the space  or otherwise trust and know that nature is with you,  greatly appreciating this interconnection of peace and  happiness that is abundantly filled with sacred healing goodness for all whom we come in contact….

Join us for 30 minutes each night starting and continuing into our New Year 2021 in the most beautiful way that will leave you feeling deeply restful and relaxed,  connecting our mind and body whilst purifying and softening our worries and fears so we may step back into rediscovering and remembering our inner most purest self. You will be guided into relaxation before chanting for 25 min and spending our last 5 minutes resting in the open healing space with a Spiritual Blessing offering (Reiju)



21 day  Japanese kotatama practise

DATE: March 4th 2021.

If you have missed out with the current practising the Japanese Precepts and are interested in joining a new one.. we have our Next upcoming 21 day kotatama practise starting soon.

Kotatama is universal sacred sound used in many eastern traditions to help us heal mind and body, uniting back to ones true self. We will be practising the sounds of the 5 elements of the Universe. Kotatama is not a theory but rather a way for you to directly experience your own wisdom and compassionate healing.That which is your birth right!!

 9pm ~ 930 pm

  Cost: $99

Venue: Zoom

“Should you wish to join in on occasions the cost  per session is $10. Please remember to mute yourselves should you enter late.”


Anita has been volunteering with Robyns Nest Animal Rescue over 5 years. A percentage will be donated to “Robyn’s animal rescue a not for profit rescue group.”


Payments and donations

Bank Details 

BSB : 063143

ACC : 10494271

Fill out the form below with your payment details and we will email you with further instructions and the Zoom Link details. 


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