Reiki is a Beautiful Japanese Art that is valuable in promoting health, improving concentration and overall well being. Through practise, focus and compassionate intent the energy of Reiki free flows for you creating a rippling effect outward for family, friends, animals and any situations that may be held dear in ones heart. ( a bubble of infinite and divine love)

Reiki simply means Universal/spiritual/soulful Energy.

There are many different forms in which Reiki is taught and practised around the globe. They may differ however as long as the intent is pure through loving kindness they are in essence all the same.

A Reiki Session simply involves the client to lay on a massage table fully clothed. Surrounded by soft lighting, music and a gentle laying of hands on your head, torso and feet will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated for your days ahead.

Heart of Reiki practises and teaches a system of Reiki taught through the International House of Reiki using 5 different focal elements that support one’s journey into remembering that which is forgotten ” Your True Essence.” So that you may live out your life in happiness, balance and harmony.

For the month of November for Reiki Awareness Week, Heart of Reiki is offering to all of Robyns Nest Rescue followers and Volunteers the opportunity to experience the calming relaxation and gentleness of Reiki located in Armadale. (surrounding suburbs of Prahran and Malvern)

We are also offering this experience to all who have or have not yet had the opportunity to try it by recommended cost or donation of your choice.

Regularly 1 hr – $75 


November 2017 Reiki Awareness Week -Recommended 30 Minutes $30 or by Donation

Available days will be Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am- 4pm

$10 from each session will be donated to not for profit Robyns Nest Animal Rescue.  

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