Heart of Reiki supports the animals and members of Robyn’s Nest and all the rest Rescue. 

Animal In-Person Sessions

Sessions are best held in the comfort of the animals home so that the animal and caregiver feel comfortable in their own familiar surroundings.

The practitioner comes to offer a session with no preconceived agenda nor expectations. She sits quietly with the animals creating a healing space through meditation and invites the animal into the healing space where they choose to stand, sit or lie down close or at a distance, to either sleep, move around eat, drink or use the bathroom. The session may be entirely hands-off if that is what the animal chooses, or on the lap of the practitioner… The animal is always free to receive in which ever way is comfortable.

A session lasts anywhere from 30 min to an hour. It is encouraged for the animals person to be present during the session so that he or she can observe the animal and may also receive the benefit of the feeling relaxed and peaceful. However this is too entirely the persons choice.

Signs that an animal is accepting the treatment:

Signs of relaxation


deep relaxed breathing



purring, etc.

The animal may move in and out of the healing space, sometimes sitting close to the practitioner, and sometimes sitting or lying at a distance. This is a sign of the ebb and flow of the energy and may be repeated several times during a session.

Once you contact Anita you will be sent a Client Intake Form to be returned to her within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.


Honoring End of Life

When the time comes for our beloved and precious animal companions to leave this world, we may experience many different emotions:  sadness, denial, desperation to find a way to stop the inevitable, helplessness, anger, and grief.

The powerful yet gentle essence of Reiki can bring the gift of peace and calm to the animal  as the body dies as well as to their loved ones who are grieving the loss. Reiki can soften the feeling of helplessness after all other healing methods have been tried and failed. With Reiki we can support the animals transition out of the physical body and into spirit. By being in the silence and peacefulness of the Reiki meditative space we can experience the importance and beauty of being in the presence of life and that there is no separation between life and death. This awareness can help heal our understanding of our own death and the death of loved ones. We are able to open our hearts and minds and accept the love, gratitude, and lessons that our animal  companions have shared during their time with us.

Suggested Reiki Treatments

Written by Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source

Although sometimes healing can be seen in one or two treatments, for continued health and well-being, all animals benefit most from a regularly scheduled program of Reiki. Kathleen encourages her clients’ people to learn Reiki themselves to ensure this continuity of treatment. Below are listed the programs that Kathleen has found most beneficial for her horse, cat, dog, small animal, and bird clients. Note: While Reiki is a powerful healing system on its own, it is also a wonderful complement to other therapies that may be helping the animal recover. It is not meant as a substitute for veterinary care. Always consult your veterinarian about the best course of medical treatment for your animal.

Equine, Canine and Feline Reiki:

  • For horses in full training (endurance, dressage, etc.), working, agility, or show dogs, and show cats: Begin with a series of four treatments on consecutive days, then once a week or every other week for maintenance. Daily treatments suggested on the most demanding of days.
  • For horses in rehab and dogs and cats recovering from injury/illness: Begin with a series of at least four treatments on consecutive days, followed by once or twice a week until recovery.
  • For horses in retirement, and senior dogs and cats: Begin with a series of four treatments on consecutive days, followed by once a week or every other week for maintenance.
  • For horses, dogs, and cats nearing their transition: Begin with a series of treatments on consecutive days, followed by a few times a week or as needed for support in this process.


Disclaimer: Reiki sessions are given for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. Reiki is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe, perform medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed veterinary professional. Reiki practitioners do not manipulate energy or control treatments; animals are the leaders in this process, taking only the amount of energy they wish to receive.

 Reiki Treatments for your pets are also offered in the comfort of your home

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First visit 1 hour $70. further treatments ( $50 each session thereafter for the next 3 visits).