Delve deeper into your personal practise and learn tools to become a Reiki Master Teacher

Shinpiden Training

Training: in-person 3 days, Armadale, Melbourne.
Our Shinpiden Reiki Level III course will provide you with: 

    • Instruction, review and practice in Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden traditional Japanese techniques.
    • The meanings, usage and spiritual description of the fourth Japanese jumon,(mantras) and shirushi symbols.
    • The initiation,reiju (blessing)
    • How to perform and practice attunements/initiations and reiju and study esoteric understandings
    • Individual guidance on your spiritual journey.

      About Shinpiden Reiki Level III

      Shinpiden is the Japanese word for ‘mystery teachings’. It is aimed at Level II practitioners or established Reiki Masters who wish to continue their personal journey, a journey that is ongoing long after you complete the Shinpiden course. It is therefore not just about teaching and is even suitable for those who wish to simply develop their personal Reiki practise and occasionally teach those around them.

      Self-empowerment is attained in Shinpiden through a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki. It is also the result of the confidence you will feel as a result of your thorough knowledge of Reiki – how it works, what all the variations on Reiki actually are, where Reiki stands in the world today, the Japanese shirusi (symbols) and jumon (mantras) and their connection to Japanese philosophies and what the origin of Reiki’s spiritual nature is.

      One of the major focuses of this course is to tap into the sense that you are, and always were, a great, bright light – this is achieved by working with the fourth shirushi and jumon.

      Benefits of Shinpiden

      • Access a deep sense of tranquillity
      • Be confident as a teacher and practitioner
      • Begin to help others professionally by teaching as well as treating
      • Receive individual ongoing attention and guidance from your teacher
      • Belong to an healing community, the Heart of Reiki, and receive all the benefits of the centre’s great support systems
      • Certification permitting you to teach and initiate into Usui Reiki Ryoho
      • Shinpiden students are encouraged to resit Heart of Reiki classes for continuing education purposes. A minimum fee may be required.
    • All Students receive all 3 detailed Reiki manuals, with permission to print your own copies for your students and a Certificate of Usui Reiki Ryoho Shinpiden teacher training.

               Pre-requisite :  A minimum of 12 months after completion of Okuden plus an initial       interview.  Also regular attendance of Reiki Shares, Zoom or in-person is required.

Anita Kyriazopoulos, Founder and Teacher of Heart of Reiki strives to offer all who come to learn and receive Reiki in and with the upmost compassionate care. 

ARC/AARP Referred Practitioner and Teacher. 

ARC COL clear backgroundprerequisites: Shoden and Okuden training from all lineages

Cost $1966

Register $266

Class size is limited.  $266 non refundable deposit is required to register.


Pay in full $1966,

(Payments for all courses are non refundable and transferable. Payments are advisable to be paid in full 24 hours before class commences).


Heart of Reiki

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