Join us Saturday July 15 at 10am  til 12:30 for a Reiki Gathering, Armadale, Melbourne.

Meditation can feel challenging at times in the business of our daily lives, so coming together with like minded friends can be inspiring and a wonderful to bring us back in remembering the magical essence we call love.

Together holding hands in a space of calm, peace and compassion amongst beautiful lights supports and creates a strong and stable healing bridge for not only ourselves but for all sentient beings.

Meditations, hands on, Chanting, Discussions amongst Beautiful Lights

Held in Armadale, Vic

Bring a healthy snack to share …  Tea provided…

$20 recommended donation at door

Heart of a Reiki is a SARA, Shelter Animal Reiki Teacher and will be donating 50% to non for profit Robyns Nest Animal Rescue where we have had to honour to have volunteered many Reiki services.


Contact Us,  if you are attending to receive further details..

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